Undergraduate & Graduate Courses


Fall 2019 - Senior Seminar


The primary purpose of this course is for students to gain skills in oral and written scientific communication. Students will spend the semester analyzing and critiquing a research article of their choice, which will be the focus of their oral and written assignments.

Public speaking can be intimidating, especially for young scientists, however, it is a vital skill for all professionals. During BIOL.4510, seniors will have many opportunities to practice and hone their public speaking skills in a low-stakes environment. By the end of the course students will be able to develop and present organized, coherent, and engaging oral presentations.

Spring 2020 - Advanced Topics in Immunology


This course is available to both graduate and upper-level undergraduate students who have passed Immunology (BIOL.4930/5930) or the equivalent with instructor permission.

Students in Advanced Topics in Immunology will gain a comprehensive and practical understand of current immunological principals in research and clinical/applied sciences. The course will focus on reading and evaluating state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed primary literature. Through interactive group case study activities, students will practice evaluating data, generating their own hypotheses, and designing experiments to test these hypotheses.